Traci Berg provides sustainability leadership, outreach, and education through permaculture and natural crafting classes and workshops in the Alberta-BC region. Catch up with Tessellate at one of the events below!


LAN 118-001 Permaculture Theory and Practice

Dates: Jun 13, 2019 to Jun 25, 2019
Location: University of Calgary Main Campus
Instructor: Traci Berg, BFA, PDC, PTT

Permaculture is an ethics-based holistic design approach that addresses the modern issue of global sustainability. This course examines the foundations of permaculture while offering insights into the tools and techniques that permaculture designers use to analyze their surroundings. Topics include: the history of permaculture, local and global sustainability changes, permaculture ethics and principles, design elements, site analysis and local permaculture initiatives. This course includes a guided field trip with cycling (optional) involved on a Saturday (weather permitting). 

This course will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered how they can design sustainable landscapes, improve gardening yields, decrease their reliance on non-renewable resources, intentionally connect with their community, or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about this exciting movement!


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